Why do we dry egg pasta slowly?

One of the features and secrets of the quality of Allemandi egg pasta is slow drying at low temperatures. It is one of the strengths of our product, together with the accurate selection of the raw materials.

Today, almost all producers dry pasta in a few hours, at temperatures that are above 80° – 90° C, in order to have huge savings on costs. This process, however, causes a heavy decrease in quality. The big temperature gap “shocks” the pasta, which will then be less resistant and elastic, more difficult to digest, will have a lower cooking yield and will lose much of its nutritious.

On the other hand, drying at low temperatures allows egg pasta to loose water slowly, does not shock the dough, preserves much of its vitamins and amino acids and gives out a surprisingly high cooking yield.

Moreover, the time that our tagliolini, tagliatelle and pappardelle spend in the drying kilns may vary. It is because with this method, even weather is important and affects drying, which is closely controlled by the pasta maker.

We take care and cuddle our egg pasta until the end, because we want to give you the best and most genuine product we can.