Rigatoni Allemandi, the excellence of Italian pasta

Allemandi is a factory producing Made in Italy pasta: since 2005 we develop new products, both for the Italian and foreign market, expressing the highest Italian excellence. Our proposals are now enriched by a new range of Organic Whole Wheat Pasta.

If you are looking for Rigatoni, buy online on our e-shop Allemandi organic Rigatoni: you can choose between Rigatoni with whole wheat flour (100% Italian durum wheat semolina) and Rigatoni with 4 cereals flour (wheat, spelled, rye and barley).

Made in Italy Rigatoni pasta? Bronze-extruded and dried at low temperature using solar energy, it tells a story full of authenticity and genuine delicacies.

Rigatoni pasta is characterized by the scratching of the external surface and a large diameter; our advice is to combine them with Bolognese sauce or to use them to prepare timbales and baked pasta.

Discover the whole range of organic and traditional Allemandi Pasta in the E-Shop section and buy Rigatoni Online. Choose between Organic Rigatone with 100% durum wheat and Organic Rigatone with 4 cereals flour.