<h2>Recipe tagliatelle Made in Italy, tagliolini, pappardelle and egg pasta made in ItalY? Allemandi Pasta!

Recipe tagliatelle Made in Italy

Recipe tagliatelle made in Italy, tagliolini, pappardelle and egg pasta? Allemandi Pasta!

If you are looking for recipe tagliatelle made in Italy, follow our advice. Allemandi Pasta produces artisanal egg pasta in Langhe. How to cook egg pasta? Visit our website, see the section Recipes and fun to cook our tagliatelle: for you, recipes coming from tradition and re interpretation. Some examples? Tagliatelle with docg Barolo, Tagliatelle paglia e fieno with zucchini and fresh tomatoes, Tagliatelle with mushrooms alla boscaiola! Buy online egg pasta made in Italy.