Ragout, the excellent sauce

One of the best sauces to season egg pasta is the ragout. In Italy there are many recipes to prepare it. The most famous one is the Bolognese, with beef meal, tomato sauce, carrots, celery, onion and white wine, but every region has a different version of it.

For exemple, in Napoli’s recipe, the ragout is the tomato sauce in which a big piece of meat is boiled for many hours. In fact, its main feature is the cooking, which is very slow and long and it makes the sauce savory and creamy.

In Roma’s recipe there are chicken offal, that make the sauce a little bit bitter.

In Piedmont, the ragout is made with minced beef meat and sausage, but there are also other version without tomato, for example only with sausage or rabbit meat.

Recipes are almost infinite, and this is another confirmation of the versatility of Italian cuisine: in other versions there are peas, bacon, ham, lemon or chili pepper.

The ragout is well-known even abroad, and it is usually canned, but often it is very different from the original Italian one.

Despite the differences in the preparation, the ragout remains the best sauce to season egg pasta. It is tasty and yummy, in fact the word derives from the French verb ragoûter, which means to whet the appetite.