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Sicilian Organic Ancient Grains – 6 mix bags 3,72 € cad

€ 22,32

These Sicilian Organic Ancient Grains have  high nutritional values, it has a high content of protein and we keep it whole, so as to get the most from the high content in fiber.  It comes from a short, controlled and local supply chain.
Our organic pasta is only bronze die extruded and dried at low temperature, using solar power.

Packaging too is environmental friendly!  After a long research, we have found a bio-plastic which is compostable!  Exactly, even the bag goes in the organic waste bin.  Paper of the headster is made with food waste, in this case, waste of almonds.  Because loving our planet means loving ourselves and protecting our children

The mixed box contains:
2 bags of 500 g of organic whole Biograno storico rigatone
2 bags of 500 g of organic whole Tumminia durum wheat fusillo
2 x 250 g bags of organic whole Russello durum wheat casereccia

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Product Description

Consigli per la preparazione

Cuocere la pasta per 10 minuti , in una pentola con abbondante acqua bollente già salata, mescolando di tanto in tanto.  Scolare e condire a piacere.
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Ingredienti e allergeni

Ingredienti casereccia integrale di grano duro Russello: semola integrale di grano Russello biologico.

Ingredienti Fusillo Bio di grano Tumminia integrale: semola integrale di grano  Tumminia biologico

Ingredienti rigatone integrale di biograno storico: semola integrale di grano duro biologica.

Allergeni: cereali contenenti glutine
Potrebbero contenere tracce di soia e uova



La confezione contiene: n. 6 sacchetti