Organic whole Cappelli durum wheat fusillo – 6 bags € 3,72 each

€ 22,32

Organic whole Cappelli durum wheat fusillo is made with Cappelli durum wheat semolina which is guaranteed 100% from Marche.
This centenery grain has high nutritional values, it is a source of protein and we keep it whole, so as to get the most from the high content in fiber. It comes from a short, controlled and local supply chain.
Our organic pasta is only bronze die extruded and dried at low temperature, using solar power.
Packaging too is environmental friendly! After a long research, we have found a bio-plastic which is compostable! Exactly, even the bag goes in the organic waste bin. Paper of the headster is made with food waste, in this case, waste of olives. Because loving our planet means loving ourselves and protecting our children.

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Product Description

Cooking tips

Cook pasta for about 10 minutes in a pot almost full of salted boiling water.  Stir from time to time.  Strain when ready and dress as you like.
For suggestions, check our recipes page!

Ingredients and allergens

Ingredients: Organic whole Cappelli durum wheat semolina
Allergens: cereals containing gluten
May contain traces of soy and eggs.


Carton contains: 6 Bags
Package Format: Bag

Weight per bag: 500 g – 17.5 oz
Total weight per carton: 3 kg – 105.8 oz