Organic 4 cereals flour Rigatoni – 6 bags € 3,72 each

€ 22,32

Four cereals rigatoni are made with wheat, spelled, rye and barley flours.

These ancient grains have a high nutritional content and low gluten content, they come from a local and controlled short supply chain dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity.

The flour is stone ground, to not overheat the product and keep all the beneficial properties intact. It is also not refined and whole, so as not to waste precious nutrients and natural fibers.

Our organic short pasta is exclusively bronze extruded and dried at low temperature using solar energy.

Even the packaging is environmental friendly! After extensive research we have chosen to use paper that is recycled from food waste, in this case, with grape skins.

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Product Description

Cooking tips

Cook pasta for about 9 minutes in a pot almost full of salted boiling water.  Stir from time to time.  Strain when ready and dress as you like.
For suggestions, check our recipes page!


Ingredients and allergens

Ingredients: organic 4 cereals (wheat Triticum aestivum, spelt Triticum dicoccum, rye Secale cereale, barley Hordeum vulgare) flour
Allergens: cereals containing gluten
May contain traces of soy and eggs.



Carton contains: 6 Bags
Package Format: Bag

Weight per bag: 500 g – 17.5 oz
Total weight per carton: 3 kg – 105.8 oz