Italian Semolina Pasta

Allemandi, Italian Semolina Pasta

Excellence is born from the careful selection of raw materials and from a process able to innovate traditional recipes. It takes shape into high quality products, good on our tables and rich in natural nutritional principles.

Since 2005 the Allemandi pasta factory produces made in Italy pasta in Carrù, close to the Langhe hills, with the aim of carrying on a culinary tradition rich in history and genuine delicacies.
Discover our Italian durum wheat semolina pasta: produced with fresh certified organic eggs and organic Italian durum wheat semolina, it is bronze-extruded and dried at low temperatures, using solar energy. Available in many shapes,it is a real expression of authentic tastiness.

The Italian semolina pasta Allemandi is the result of careful research, the selection of natural ingredients and a processing that allows us to always maintain high quality standards: buy Italian durum wheat semolina pasta choosing among many available shapes. Visit our E-Shop section and discover the complete range produced with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina.