Grape harvest in the Langhe

Autumn means grape harvest.
In our wonderful Langhe, a UNESCO world heritage site, grapes are ready to be transformed in wine.

In this period, many villages bring us back to traditions. Times have changed and techniques have progressed over the years, but its spirits stays the same.

It is and used to be an occasion of celebration that families waited for throughout the whole year: the moment in which all efforts were rewarded. It was also a good opportunity to be together with the loved ones and to sing a traditional song while working hard. Grapes were gathered in big baskets and immediately pressed with feet. In the evening people used to celebrate with their relatives, friends and neighbours with a merenda sinoira: a little banquet with cheese, cured meat and obviously a bottle of wine.

In the Langhe, the event was often combined with parades of carnival floats. The first edition of the Fiera dell’Uva in Carrù, was in 1948 and the first beauty queen (Reginetta dell’Uva) was Maurizio Allemandi’s grandmother!

Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco and Barolo are the greatest wines of piedmontese tradition. Sometimes they can also become ingredients, like in the case of our Tagliatelle with d.o.c.g. Barolo wine.