Bronze dye pasta

People are talking a lot about bronze dying pasta as an added value to the product, but what does it mean exactly?

Using a bronze dye is actually an added value, because it allows to obtain a final product, with the same characteristics of homemade egg pasta, together with the careful selection of ingredients and slow drying.

The dye is connected directly to the mixing tank and it is used to extrude the dough of semolina and eggs into a pasta sheet. Thanks to the bronze die the surface of the pasta sheet stays rough and, since it works slowly, the dough is not damaged or overheated.

For these reasons, big industrial pasta producers prefer to use teflon or steel dies, in order to increase production capacity, even though the dough gets stressed and final product is completely even and shiny.
Slow bronze dying allows pasta not to stress until they get to drying kilns, where low temperature drying takes place, plus the rough surface which is obtained lets the product perfectly absorb any type of sauce, just as if it was homemade.

This is why our tagliatelle, tagliolini and pappardelle have an irregular and rough surface, special feature of bronze dying, which is to be looked for everytime we are buying dry pasta.